Saturday, 20 July 2013

Just a heads up...we are not taking in any more summer clothes right now. If you could hold off until August we will be accepting fall (EEK!) clothes. Same rules go... please bring them in CLEAN, Current Fashion, not rips, holes or stains, folded in a box with your name, phone number and email address. Thanks so much! ps... here's a coupon for summer clothes ;)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Downtown Brandon


What does it take these days to put a skip in your step? I know you have been thinking about it, and I would love to hear what it is. For me, it is the chance to go and visit my grandson and kiss his chubby little cheeks. Tomorrow I am heading off for a short visit to see him; then, I am back for the month of December to wish you a happy holiday season. 

I know you think that I head south for the winter to escape the cold, which is partially true.  The real truth is that I like this time of year: the crisp snow, fresh air and a walk downtown in my warm winter coat, reminiscing about when I was a child. I overheard some ladies talking about Kresge’s the other day. Now, that brought back memories. I remember one year they had a monkey in a cage in a basement department... or was I just dreaming? I do love the idea of all the little shops downtown, and being able to peek into those businesses for a moment or two as I walk past. I am really happy we have been able to establish our own shops there and to help you fulfill your love of downtown, too. 

Christmas is coming up and I have been looking at my sparkly red sweater hanging in the closet, not quite feeling the need to put it on yet. I will save it for those special days in December when I get feeling all warm and fuzzy. Somehow, there is energy in the season that says everything is going to be okay. The fact that we all love each other becomes more apparent. It is really needed in these times. I am also grateful as a retailer for the Christmas season. It is important to help keep the economy rolling right along. I know this sounds a little bourgeois, but it is true. I thank you for your support of Lady of the Lake Trading Company Inc.'s businesses. We employ over 25 people; many of them have made it a career. I am sure they thank you, too!

From the bottom of my little ol’ heart, here’s a big smacker, Bridget

Friday, 14 September 2012

Come on over!

We're open! Come see!
Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm
912 Rosser Ave. Brandon, MB
It has been a fantastic first week!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bridget's Babble

Hey You,
Are you ready? I have to talk about possibly the best experience of my life. Yesterday afternoon in the heat of the day I was on my lovely front verandah with my two little granddaughters, Olivia 4, Lucy 1 1/2. We were shelling peas. Oh my, the cutest most heart warming time. Of course I had to crack the pea open and then I would hand them to both girls. Every time Lucy got a new pod it was like she had won the lottery. She squealed and giggled and proceeded to take every little pea out of the pod. Half of them went in the bowl, a few on the floor and a couple in her mouth. She wasn't sure if she liked them, so would remove them half eaten and put them in the bowl. Olivia worked diligently saying the whole time..."this is going to take us a long time". But before we knew it we were done and supper was ready and they loved eating the fresh peas.
Hanging out with little ones just reminds me of all the simple things that I sometimes miss in life. Those little moments of simplicity and awe. It was a great lesson for me and I tried to soak up every moment.
Miranda (the mommy of the girls) and I are working on her new project, Abby Rose, in historical downtown Brandon. We hope to open early September. It will be an eclectic mix of merchandise, original art, second hand clothing, belly dance wear and books. We will have three studios, art, jewellery and dance as well.
If you would like to consign some clothes please call her and make arrangements for drop off time (573-4675) or just take them to Lady of the Lake with your name and email address. We are looking for "excellent quality". You know those 'like new' clothes that we have hanging in the back of our closet. Well, here is your chance to liquidate them and turn them into LadyBucks. These LadyBucks can be spent at Lady of the Lake shop, cafe and pub or Abby Rose.
We will also be purchasing books. Again, looking for excellent condition, self-help, Oprah's Book Club, cookbooks and coffee table books. Let's recycle all the great books we have.
Otherwise, summer is hot and I love it! Brandon Folk Fest this weekend. If you have never been, it is a relaxing time in the shade listening to very entertaining and inspiring music. I will probably be dancing with my girlfriends and eating Jamaican veggie patties. I also like to take my camper van and camp for the weekend which sounds weird but you can just run home if you need something. It is one of my favourite times of the year and totally worth the price of admission.
How is your summer going? Drop me a line sometime.
In love with the sunshine, Bridget

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bridget's Babble

I will be re-posting Bridget's Babble here along with my own for any of you not yet following her emails... here is the latest...

Howdy You,
I just got back from a few days visiting the Badlands of North Dakota. I had a lovely car ride with my youngest daughter Tessa. She is expecting her first baby which will be our first boy grandchild. Three daughters and two granddaughters and now a little guy. She is having a hard time coming up with a boy’s name so if you have any interesting ideas let me know. I was voting for Rocket or Nemo since I know he will be a little surfer dude. Looking forward to seeing the little gaffer sometime in mid August.
So, the Badlands, what a peaceful, rolling, rugged and wild land. There are even wild horses still roaming the range. We were tourists in the town of Medora. If you ever want to see a cute little Wild West town, go for a visit. I wasn't sure why I was drawn to the town but now I am sure that it was to buy this lovely pair of cowboy boots... wait till you see them. I have been looking for awhile and they are perfect, hearts and wings carved out in subtle colours. Now I need to write a country song to go with them...
Summer is here and I am breathing deep, inhaling all the green plants as well as drinking green plants. The more I research the more I am so darned excited about green juice. I have talked to my Warrior Wellness friends about it and wanted to share with you... if you are run down, overweight, sick and tired.... make green juice or smoothies... there are a million ways... go to youtube and start experimenting. The good news is Lady of the Lake is going to be making it soon. The juicer and blender have arrived... so with a little experimenting we will be able to provide you with the quick solution to drinking the magic elixir. Miranda and Tessa will be serving up some fruit smoothies and a carrot/beet/apple/ginger juice at the Multicultural Market on Rosser this Saturday.

I have attached a general green smoothie recipe for you to look at. I am also thinking about hosting a 21 day green juice detox this fall. Anyone interested in blowing sick, fat and tired out of the water? Let me know.
You may have heard or seen my middle daughter Miranda Abby Rose is opening a shop in the old Joanne Shop on Rosser Avenue in downtown Brandon. She has a blog site that is included at the bottom. The store is called "Abby Rose" and she will be selling art, gifts and clothing. She will be taking excellent quality women's and girls’ used clothing on consignment for anyone wanting to clear out their closet. She will be taking fall items and they can be dropped off at Lady of the Lake anytime with a list of items and your name and phone number... give her a call for more information....573-4675.

We will also have three studio spaces in that store, an art studio for Miranda, a jewellery studio for Kaleigh (oldest daughter) and guess what, a little dance studio for me, yeah! There is a cute little mezzanine with mirrors and a chandelier, perfect for hosting a small dance class. We are looking at opening in September. Stay tuned for the big announcement.
Okay, I best go do a little stretching; it has been a few days. Just wanted to remind you how thankful I am for you, wow, who would have thought I would have so many people knowing my business, haha. But really, I love you; you are so sweet and kind...till next time, breathing deep, Bridget

Making The Smoothie
I, of course couldn’t get by in my smoothie ladden world without my almighty Vita-Mix. This, however is not necessary if you follow these smoothie making tips. First blend 1 cup of water with some celery, watermelon, cucumber or other high water content food. Then add remaining ingredients in small increments so as not to overwhelm your blender. This helps blend more smoothly. Add water as needed to reach desired consistency. Blend for longer than you think is necessary and then blend a little more.
The Green Smoothie Formula
I take the suggested amount from each category below and get creative. And of course use a little of your sweet flavour combining intuition when it comes to green smoothies. A little cabbage is good, a lot is disgusting. Cayenne and watermelon? I’ve never tried it but I imagine it’s an acquired taste. Be sensible and if it is awful what’s the worst thing that happens? Your garden gets some sweet goodness or you force it on your friends or partner telling them to drink up and that it’s good for them. And refer to 
this list if you are limited in what you buy organic.
Green Veggies: Choose 2 1/2 –3 cups
Kale, Collards, Beet Greens, Dandelion Greens, Parsley, Mint, Fennel, Avocado, Cucumber, Zucchini, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Green Cabbage, Turnip Greens, Celery, 
Sprouts (Pea Shoot and/or Sunflower sprouts recommended)
Fruits and Sweet Veggies: 1 fruit/sweet veg or about 1-1/2 – 2 cups
Apples, Bananas, Pear, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Pomegranate, 
Cranberries, Kiwifruit, Figs, Watermelon, Lemon, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Beets
Optional Superfood Additions: 1 tsp – 1 Tbs of 3-4 of these
Raw Cacao, Flax Oil, Hempseed Oil, Walnut Oil, Almonds, Goji Berries, Dates, 
Coconut Oil, Bee Pollen, Coconut (fresh or dry), Hempseeds, Chia Seeds, Spirulina, Ginger, Cayenne, Stevia, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Nut/Seed Butters are good options if you have a weaker blender
Additional Optional Liquids
• Ice (if you like it cold)
• Vegetable Juice (100% veggie)
Coconut Water (not to be confused with coconut milk)
Nut or Seed Milk 
• Herbal tea (such as peppermint or ginger tea)
• Food grade essential oils (I recommend 
Young Living lemon, peppermint, ginger, orange)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


day two.
discovered long-handled roller.
far easier.
discovered textured, warped walls.
far more difficult.
ate hand-delivered wraps.
(from Lady of the Lake of course)
filled and sanded nail holes.
sanded a little too much.
set off fire alarm.
welcomed 911 emergency response unit.
continued painting.
first coat, first floor - complete.
did happy dance.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Square One

Here I am at square one.

One adventure, two women, over three thousand square feet.

My mom and I are opening a new shop. You may very well know my mom, she is (among many things) the infamous owner of "Lady of the Lake." That's right... Bridget Shaw. She is not new to this game - the business of business, but this one will be fulfilling a new dream of hers. The dream of owning a shop in downtown Brandon Manitoba. Where she grew up. Me on the other hand, this is very new to me. And I feel proud to be learning from the best. (Thanks Mom!) We are not without lots of help from our family and of course Lady of the Lake herself.

So here we go, off on another adventure. Are you coming?

Paige Bradley Expansion